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Welcome to RTS

Welcome to RTS

We strive to enhance the quality of life in our community by providing safe, courteous, equitable and energy-efficient transportation services.

The Downtown Station, 700 SE 3rd street, is located on the corner of SE 3rd St. and Depot Ave., Gainesville. Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., closed weekends/holidays.

RTS Projects and Developments

Go Enhance RTS Study

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An Alternatives Analysis evaluated the feasibility of implementing premium transit service in an east-west corridor within Gainesville including possible route alignments, operational and implementation cost analysis, and ridership estimates.

Existing Conditions Report

Public Involvement Appendix

Initial Screening Evaluation Report

Project Briefing Report

Executive Summary

Public Invlovement

Detailed Definition & Evaluation of Alternatives Report

Detailed Definition & Evaluation of Alternatives Appendices

Streetcar Study

A streetcar conceptual study evaluated the feasibility of implementing a streetcar within Gainesville including possible route corridors, future land use, operational and implementation cost analysis, ridership estimates and possible revenue generation.

2014-08-08 FINAL Report - Streetcar Feasibility


Welcome to the Transit Development Plan (TDP) section of the Regional Transit System (RTS) Web site! A TDP is a ten-year plan required by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to qualify for state Public Transit Block Grant Program funding, which is a key part of the RTS annual operating budget. This plan calls for a description of each transit agency's vision for public transportation, an evaluation of transit needs in the area and a plan to prioritize and implement future improvements.

Final RTS Ten-Year Transit Development Plan

Comprehensive Operations Analysis

The Regional Transit System (RTS) is currently undertaking a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) of the RTS bus system to improve existing transit operational efficiency and effectiveness, look for opportunities to provide more customer-friendly transit services, understand existing rider travel patterns and use of the transit system, and understand community travel needs and address them through transit service improvements. This effort is occurring in conjunction with RTS’s major update of its Transit Development Plan (TDP).

RTS COA Technical Memorandum 1

RTS COA Technical Memorandum 1 Appendix

RTS COA Technical Memorandum 2

RTS COA Technical Memorandum 3

RTS COA Technical Memorandum 4

RTS COA Technical Memorandum 5

RTS COA Technical Memorandum 5 Appendix

RTS COA Technical Memorandum 6-7

Appendix A Route Profiles

Why should you get involved?

RTS wants to know what is most important to the citizens we serve. Providing avenues for the public to participate in the evolution of transit in the City of Gainesville is key to the development of the TDP. RTS is providing several opportunities for you to tune in and get involved. These opportunities for involvement in the TDP include attending TRC meetings, public involvement workshops and TDP presentations.

Employment Opportunities

For the latest job opportunities available with RTS and the City of Gainesville, as well as job descriptions and application procedures, visit the City of Gainesville Human Resources.

Information & Statistics

Route Funding Allocation - 2014


Schedules and Routes

Q: How can I plan my trip if I am new to the RTS system?

A: Try the RTS online trip planner! Go to the Trip Planner on the RTS home page, where you can enter your starting location and destination and find bus stop locations, fare costs, transfers, travel time and more.

Q: I found the schedule online, but I am having trouble understanding it. What should I do now?

A: If you need help with a bus schedule or route, you can call Customer Service at the Rosa Parks Downtown Station at (352) 334-2600 between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Downtown Station is closed on weekends, but you can always refer to our tutorial in the printed schedule, watch our instructional video, or use the RTS Trip Planner on our Web site.

Q: Where can I find a hardcopy of the bus schedule to keep with me for reference?

A: Hardcopies of the bus schedule are distributed at various locations throughout the city, including at the University of Florida Welcome Center, the City of Gainesville Chamber of Commerce and at several main bus stops and apartment complexes throughout Gainesville. If you have trouble finding a schedule, download and print one from our Web site.

Fares and Passes

Q: Where can bus passes be purchased?

A: All Day, Half Fare, Monthly and Semester passes may be purchased at the Rosa Parks Downtown Station located at 700 SE 3rd Street. Only all day passes may be purchased from the bus driver for $3.

Q: Can bus passes be purchased online?

A: No, bus passes cannot be purchased online.

Q: How long is a bus pass valid?

A: It depends on which pass is purchased. All Day, Monthly and Semester passes are available. All day passes are only valid the day they are purchased. Monthly passes are valid for the month issued, and a new pass must be purchased at the beginning of each month. Semester passes are valid through the University of Florida/Santa Fe College semester (Spring, Summer or Fall).

Q: I lost my bus pass, can I get it replaced free of charge?

A: Unfortunately, RTS does not issue replacement bus passes. You will have to purchase a new pass to ride the bus. Think of the bus pass as an extension of your driver’s license... if you lose it, then you need to purchase a replacement.

Q: Are there any bus pass programs?

A: The City of Gainesville Regional Transit System (RTS) offers two employer programs: Federal Commuter Choice Program or the RTS Employee Bus Pass Program. For information, contact Theresa “T” Harrison at (352) 393-7830, email her or read more on our website.

Services and Facilities

Q: Where is the Rosa Parks Downtown Station located?

A: The Rosa Parks Downtown Station is located at 700 SE 3rd St. at the corner of Depot Ave. and 3rd St. Click here for a map.

Q: When is the Rosa Parks Downtown Station ticket office open?

A: Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed on weekends.

Q: What are the hours of operation for RTS administration?

A: RTS administration operates from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Q: I left my cell phone or my Gator1 ID on the bus! What should I do?

A: We try to return as many items as we can, but RTS is not responsible for items left on the bus. If you lose an item, call (352) 334-2600 and follow the phone prompts to reach our Lost and Found. Everything turned in from an RTS bus is available to be picked up Mon. - Fri., 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (except holidays) at 34 SE 13th Road. Lost items may not be available for pick up until the following day. Items other than Gator 1 ID cards are held for 30 days. Gator 1 cards are turned in to the ID office at the Reitz Union every Monday. You can also meet the bus anywhere along the route and ask the driver. Please do not ask the staff to contact the buses for lost items as RTS policy prohibits them from doing so.

Q: What other services besides fixed route service does RTS offer?

A: RTS offers several services, including complementary paratransit service for ADA approved citizens and “Later Gator” late night service.

Q: How do I get an ADA ID card?

A: Please call the Center for Independent Living at 378-7474 to set an appointment to become ADA Certified and receive your card.

Job Opportunities and Involvement

Q: How can I become more involved with RTS planning decisions and provide citizen feedback?

A: RTS holds periodic Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) meetings where RTS staff updates the public on RTS projects and initiatives, as well as planning issues. RTS also conducts online surveys and Facebook discussions for customer feedback; we also hold public meetings and events for current and upcoming projects. Feedback may also be sent to us via our website in the ‘Contact Us’ section.

Q: I am interested in joining the RTS operations team. How do I apply?

A: Go to www.cityofgainesville.org and click the “I want to...” tab at the top of the page. Then scroll down to “apply for...” and click job openings. Then click on the “transit operator trainee” position for your next step in the application process.

Q: How can I learn more about jobs at RTS?

A: Click the “About Us” tab at the top of the RTS Web site, then click the “jobs” section on the left side of your screen. This will direct you to the RTS job information brochure, where you can learn about the benefits of working for RTS.

Marketing and Advertising

Q: How can I advertise with RTS?

A: RTS offers both interior and exterior advertising options, including the eye-catching bus wrap, as well as online and print alternatives. For more information on advertising opportunities, contact Theresa “T” Harrison at (352) 393-7830 or through email.

Q: How much does it cost to advertise with RTS?

A: Our advertising rates vary depending on the type of advertising you wish to do: exterior, interior, print or web. All rates are available on our website www.advertisewithrts.com.

Rider Questions

Q: Why do I sometimes see empty RTS buses?

A: Empty buses are typically on the way to our maintenance facility for repair or it is the end of their scheduled route. In the morning, empty buses are seen going to the beginning point of their Route. During our peak times, many people are heading to major destinations such as UF. Then on the return route the bus could be empty. This video from PTSA, our sister in the Tampa area, further discusses empty buses and answers to other transit questions.

Q: Why do I sometimes see RTS buses sitting on the side of the road?

A: Like all of us our drivers need to use the restroom or have something to eat, typically this is why the bus is on the side of the road. Sometimes our buses are running ahead of schedule and are waiting so they do not arrive to bus stops early.

Q: Who decides which stops have amenities and kiosk information?

A: RTS strives to continually improve all bus stops. You may see updated bus shelters installed near new businesses because construction often is required to provide public transit shelters as part of the permitting process. Other stops are being improved as our budget allows. We concentrate on safety and accessibility concerns first and then how many people use the stop when designating ones for upgrades.

Q: Why does the bus driver sometimes pass me or leave me behind?

A: During peak times, the bus may be full and not able to accept any more passengers. Please note the front marquee of the bus as it should read “Full Bus” as it passes by.

Another reason is safety. If the bus has already pulled away from the curb, then it may not be safe to let you on. We do not want passengers running through traffic to catch a bus. A good rule is: If you have to run for it, then wait for the next one. It is not worth the risk.

Q: Is the University of Florida or Santa Fe Transportation Fee related to the RTS service?

A: Yes, the UF or SF Transportation Fee allows anyone with a UF or SF student ID unlimited access to our bus service. The fee itself is evaluated each year and adjusted according to the services provided by RTS or requested by the UF or SF Transportation Fee Committee.

Have a question that isn’t addressed here? Call RTS Customer Service at (352) 334-2600.