Please view the link to the map below to view proposed corridors. and then complete our survey. Return completed survey to RTS via email or mail your completed survey to PO BOX 490 Station 5. As always, we appreciate any and all comments.

Click here to view BRT map.
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RTS has hired the Center for Urban Transportation Research to help conduct a study to evaluate the feasibility of implementing a bus rapid transit service in the following corridors:

• SW 20th Avenue/SW 62nd Boulevard
• University Avenue/Newberry Road
• 13th Street (53rd Avenue to Williston Road)
• SW 23rd Terrace and SW 35th Place
• Archer Road (from Tower Road to SW 13th Street)
• Depot Avenue (from SW 13th Street to Waldo Road)
• Waldo Road (from Depot Avenue corridor to Airport Industrial Park)
• Hawthorne Road/SR 20 (from Waldo Road to SE 43rd Street)

For more information, please visit our BRT Updates and About BRT pages and continue to check back for details.

For more information, please call Doug Robinson at 352-393-7838 or email robinsondk@cityofgainesville.org